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Enotah Valley – Blairsville, Georgia Wedding Venue

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January 9, 2020

Enotah Valley Event Center - Blairsville, Georgia


Enotah Valley is recognized as a ‘Recommended Premier Partner’ by Unique Events.

Unique Events: Today we are pleased to introduce you to Linda Coghlan who along with her husband, Tate, is the owner/proprietor of Enotah Valley located on the outskirts of beautiful Blairsville, Georgia.

Enotah Valley Event Center - Blairsville, Georgia

Real quick before we get going here…

Linda and her staff have quickly become such amazing partners in what we do at Unique Events. Brides and grooms who have been hosted by Enotah Valley have had nothing but glowing reviews for the service and attention to detail they received and is why they are at the top of our list when it comes to wedding venues.

With that said, we thank you for your time today!!

If you’ll first start by briefly walking us through what led you and Tate in deciding to own and operate a wedding venue here in the North Georgia mountains, more specifically Blairsville

Enotah Valley: When we bought the property we didn’t know what we wanted to do with it other than share it with others. We fell in love with the Valley which is surrounded by creeks and mountain laurel. It just seemed natural with God’s beautiful creation to turn the property into a wedding venue. Since Tate and I both have worked in management we decided three years ago to open our doors. It has been very rewarding. I have spent the last 29 years as an oncology nurse taking care of and loving on people and now I get to continue that task with brides & grooms and their families.

Enotah Valley Event Center - Blairsville, Georgia

Unique Events: For those who haven’t had a chance to visit your website and see all the beautiful pictures depicting your property, can you list off what amenities you have available?

Enotah Valley:

  • Reception hall – maximum capacity 100
  • A cabin for the Bride and Groom for day use to get dressed
  • Outdoor ceremony site beside the creek with cedar arbor and  benches
  • Full service kitchen
  • Outdoor covered patio
  • Trout pond

Unique Events: Linda, as you know from firsthand experience, brides and grooms choose to have their weddings in this locale not only because of its natural beauty but also because it affords them and their guests opportunities over the course of a weekend to get out, explore and have some fun. 

I’ve no doubt you’ve been asked this before so indulge me by asking again. What would be a must for wedding parties to see and do more specifically for those looking to have their wedding at Enotah Valley and wanting to make a weekend of it?

Enotah Valley Event Center - Blairsville, Georgia

Enotah Valley: We are a half mile from Vogel State Park. 

  • Three waterfall within miles of Enotah Valley, Helton Creek Falls, Trahlyta Falls at Vogel State Park, Desoto Falls
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail at Blood Mountain
  • Wineries and a short shopping trip to Blue Ridge.

Unique Events: Is there a typical size wedding that seems to be a good fit for you and if so, what that might be? What is the smallest and largest sized wedding Enotah Valley can/will accommodate?

Enotah Valley: Our guest maximum is 100

Unique Events: It’s no secret there is a wide variety of wedding venues in the North Georgia mountain area. While some offer a very limited amount of services, others make available most anything one would want/need and then some fall somewhere in between.

Can you speak to that bride or groom-to-be as to the services you offer?

Enotah Valley: Simple. We rent by the hour which allows the client to be in charge of their budget. With this being said, Unique Events and I will make sure all the details are handled. They get to choose their own vendors and 

Enotah Valley Event Center - Blairsville, GeorgiaUnique Events: For those that you don’t are you able to provide anything in the way of a recommended local vendor list for those that might be interested? 

Enotah Valley: Yes

Unique Events: For any whose interest you’ve piqued reading this, what is the next step to take if they are interested in setting up a time to visit Enotah Valley? Beyond that, what advice would give them as to how far in advance of their wedding they need to book with you?

Enotah Valley: They can call, email or text to schedule a time to tour the property.  Fall and summer months get booked a year in advance, so I would start early to get that perfect date.

Unique Events: Lastly, as we know this area offers a lot of options as it pertains to wedding venues. What would you say distinguishes Enotah Valley from others?

Enotah Valley: You get us. As how your day is important to you, it is equally important for  us to make sure you and your family are comfortable, happy and having a wonderful time. 

Unique Events: If you don’t mind, would you let our readers know the best ways in which to contact you and find you on the web? 

Enotah Valley: Our website, Facebook or just give me a call at (770) 654-5894.

Unique Events: Linda, we are most grateful for your time and willingness to help us get to know you and Enotah Valley!


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