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Barefoot Hills – Dahlonega, GA. Wedding Venue

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March 11, 2018

Barefoot Hills - Wedding Venue in Dahlonega, GA.

Unique Events: Today, we’re pleased to have Eric Richards, who is with Barefoot Hills. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Eric at their location in Dahlonega which is just ‘over the mountain’ as we like to say, from Blairsville, where we reside.

This was my first time visiting Barefoot Hills and I must say I loved it – what a unique and amazing atmosphere they offer. Brides and their friends and families are going to absolutely love it!

I’m now going to let Eric tell you a little more about himself, the role he plays at Barefoot Hills and anything else he thinks that might be of interest to you.

Barefoot Hills - Dahlonega, GA. hotel and accommodations

Front porch view

Unique Events: Give us some of the back story of how Barefoot Hills came into existence.

Barefoot Hills: Barefoot Hills was formerly a hostel catering to northbound Appalachian Trail hikers. What sparked an interest in the property was the location and vision to become an experiential retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

About an hour away from Atlanta, Dahlonega is a hidden gem with adventures of all kinds from the Georgia Wine Country to hiking and outdoor adventure, not to mention the breathtaking backdrop that can become anyone’s home away from home.

The wide range of accommodations was a great fit for creating unique experiences with every stay. Once the ground broke on the project, everything seemed to fall into place and we could see our dream come to life as a luxurious but relaxed city escape.

Unique Events: I know that across your digital and print marketing material, Barefoot Hills is emphasized as being ‘an experiential boutique hotel’.

Can you elaborate on the meaning of that?

Barefoot Hills: The beauty of a boutique hotel is the ability to customize each guest’s experience and offer a more personal touch. There is really so much to see and do in the area that people are simply unaware of or don’t know how to find, so we like to think of ourselves as a personal guide and expert to the North Georgia Mountains.

Our goal is to help share the many experiences and make them effortless, so people can enjoy their hiatus and have a memorable vacation.

We offer many packages for various activities, shuttle services to nearby trails and vineyards, and can easily arrange any number of outings for our guests so they are able to experience more.

Unique Events: Barefoot Hills just so happens to be located in one of north Georgia’s more popular towns, Dahlonega. One thing I think that really distinguishes it from other north Georgia mountain towns that lends to its attractive nature is that there is wide variety of things to experience. It affords a little something for everyone and for you Atlanta-area brides, it’s practically right up the road from you – a little bonus there!

For those brides & grooms currently researching destination wedding locales in north Georgia and looking for a spot to entertain friends and families for a weekend, hit just a few of the high points of things to see and do in and around Dahlonega. Any personal favorites you’d like to share:

Barefoot Hills: Well for starters, I cannot speak highly enough of the natural beauty in the area and unique qualities of the town that I think make this place so special.


For a fun and fairly easy hike, Preacher’s Rock has some of the most stunning views overlooking the mountains.


Barefoot Hills - Log Cabin Wedding Guest Lodging

Log Cabin Accommodations

There are also beautiful waterfalls nearby like Cane Creek Falls, DeSoto Falls, and Amicalola Falls (if you want to challenge yourself to an outdoor Stairmaster with a well-earned photo op at the end).

Shopping & Restaurants

Spend some free time in Dahlonega square visiting boutiques, galleries featuring local artists, and the many restaurants.

Stop by the Dahlonega General Store for their specialty jam and Dahlonega Fudge Factory for some delicious treats.


Kaya Vineyards & Winery has a great atmosphere for wine tasting and catching up with friends.

Wolf Mountain’s Sunday Brunch is out of this world and very popular, so you must make a reservation in advance.

Unique Events: Tell us about the groups you’re accustomed to hosting and the services one could expect.

Barefoot Hills: We have hosted a number of groups of various size for hiking, cycling, family reunions, wedding parties/guests, and more.

Our three-bedroom suite is equipped with a living room and full kitchen for a mountain house style feel, and we have arranged a number of different accommodations together to best fit your party.

There is the option to rent out the entire property as well, and we can organize catering for events held on site as well as offer shuttles services to other venues.

Unique Events: As it relates to hosting weddings, how do you typically handle questions from brides who are interested in wedding-related services that you may not provide?

Do you have something in the way of a ‘preferred vendor list’ you can offer them?

If so, what are the types of wedding services you can make recommendations on?

Barefoot Hills: We are happy to recommend other accommodations nearby for any guest overflow and have developed relationships with many venues who we can work with to resolve any issues or wedding-related services we do not provide. We can also do our best to answer any questions and special requests.

Unique Events: For Unique Events, helping brides plan and coordinate their wedding first starts with us assisting them in actually locating and booking a wedding venue that checks all of the boxes for them. You might like to say we’re a bit in the ‘matchmaking’ business; helping make a match between a brides wants/needs and with a venue that meets those.

Eric, if you could finish the following sentence:

‘Barefoot Hills is the ideal wedding venue for ……..’

Barefoot Hills in Dahlonega provides eco-friendly wedding guest lodging

Eco-Friendly Lodging

Barefoot Hills: Wedding guest accommodations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, intimate wedding events, and romantic getaways.

We will do what we can to fulfill the wants and needs of the bride and groom. Our space is unique and therefore has the ability to transform into many different needs during the wedding process.

We are the place to stay for your dream destination wedding.

Unique Events: For the bride interested in having their wedding guests stay on site with you, describe the lodging accommodations they could expect – style, size, amenities, proximity to each other, etc.?

Barefoot Hills: Our accommodations vary as rooms, suites, and private cabins. There are 9 bedrooms, 12 beds, and 9 baths total all in close proximity to each other. Our entire property has been recently updated with new modern furnishings and landscaping. There is a full kitchen and living room in our main lodge two/three-bedroom suite, TV’s in every room, and High-speed Internet access.

Unique Events: More often than not, as we know, the primary reason brides want to exchange their vows in the north Georgia mountains is that it truly offers them a one-of-a-kind setting filled with an abundance of natural beauty in which to do so.

Eric, tell us about those locations on your property that are designated for wedding ceremonies including the size each can comfortably accommodate – indoor and/or outdoor. 

Barefoot Hills: At the current time, we offer accommodations for weddings and wedding parties. Our future plans are to develop an outdoor location for intimate weddings.

Unique Events: Eric, we greatly appreciate your taking a few minutes out of your day and helping us learn more about Barefoot Hills. I’ve no doubt that what you’ve offered here will be of great value to our brides in helping them make a decision on what venue to choose for their wedding.

Before we wrap up, let our brides and grooms know how far in advance you’d encourage them to book with you and any steps they may need to take in terms of them wanting to first meet you and inspect your site.

Barefoot Hills: We encourage people to book with us as soon as possible, due to the limited amount of rooms that are available for their wedding weekend.

Also, we welcome people to schedule a site visit to Barefoot Hills by contacting us at 770-312-7342.

Unique Events: Before I forget, if you’re at liberty to do so, share with our readers future plans for Barefoot Hills.

Barefoot Hills: Our goal is to continue to grow the property with more rooms and facilities to host events.

Unique Events: Eric, where can brides find you online including social media?

Website – click/tap here 
Facebook – click/tap here 
Instagram – click/tap here 
TripAdvisor – click/tap here 

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