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Brooke Hanna – 5 Petal Productions

UPDATE: 5 Petal Productions is now Styled & Snapped – visit their site here

brooke-hanna Of the many vendors we work with there may not be one as important as having that ‘go to’ professional wedding photographer. Why, do you say? Very simply, it’s because the product they are furnishing will inevitably provide lasting memories. For many brides they will cherish those moments that have been captured on their wedding day and will be the kind of thing they will reflect back on from time to time.

In this blog series we are showcasing what we think are the very best wedding vendors in north Georgia and in this installment are pleased to introduce to you the incredibly talented Brooke Hanna.

Note – the majority of the pictures you see on our website can be credited to her.

Brides have reported back to us both how easy and fun she was to work with and most importantly how professional she was at her craft.

Lets jump right into our interview with Brooke shall we.

Unique Events: Tell us about yourself and how long you’ve been a photographer?

5 Petal Productions: My name is Brooke Hanna and I have been interested in photography since I was in middle school. Eight years ago I finished my photography schooling and made it my career. For me, photography is the perfect job. I get to use my creativity every time I’m behind the camera to create something lovely to share with others.

Unique Events: What advice would you give couples as they begin to think about choosing a wedding photographer?

5 Petal Productions: The two most important things, in my opinion, are making sure you like the photographer’s style and personality. You want someone who can capture the events of the day, but its also good to find someone who can capture the style and emotion of your wedding as well. Equally important in my opinion is finding someone who has a nice personality. Your wedding day will probably have enough going on already, you don’t need any added stress from your vendors.

Unique Events: Can you tell us what is trending right now when it comes to wedding photography?

5 Petal Productions: Bright clean photographs are very popular right now.

Unique Events: What resources would you recommend that might provide brides some ideas when it comes to wedding photography?

5 Petal Productions: Wedding magazines and websites like Weddings Unveiled, the Knot and Green Wedding Shoes give a bride style ideas as well as questions one may not have considered and an array of venues and vendors to choose from.

Unique Events: Before we wrap up here, we want to thank you for taking time and sharing your wisdom with us. Lastly, are there any myths or misconceptions you’d like to set the record straight on when it comes to wedding photography?

5 Petal Productions: I think a lot of brides get intimidated too soon when considering the cost of a professional photographer. But there are some photographers, like myself, that will be happy to work with the couple as far as their budget is concerned, especially if their wedding isn’t going to be held on a Saturday or is in the off season.

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