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7 Smart & Stylish Ways to Save on Your Wedding

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June 12, 2014


With so many gorgeous and affordable wedding venues in North Georgia, your North Georgia wedding planner has learned a million brilliant ways to create a memorable wedding without breaking your budget. For seven of our best tips, read on:

1. Trim that guest list

As a simple guideline, plan to spend one minute of time with each guest, then calculate the amount of time you’ll need to achieve that. In two hours (not counting eating and dancing) you’ll be able to greet and chat with 120 people. When you really need to reduce the number of guests, make categorical cuts. For example, remove all co-workers, all children, or all “plus ones” who don’t live with invitees. Eliminating an entire category causes less hurt feelings than simply going through the guest list one-by-one.

2. Choose a less traditional venue

Instead of booking an empty reception hall and filling it with ambience on your dime, choose a spot that’s already beautiful. Chic restaurants, local museums, outdoor gardens and state parks are a few of the many options. North Georgia destination weddings provide natural beauty, affordable guest accommodations, and a romantic mountain honeymoon getaway all in one.

3. Go digital

If you’re certain that everyone on your guest list has internet access, eliminate paper invitations, printing and mailing costs, and paper RSVPs by going completely digital. Set up your own wedding website at a free site like Wedding JoJo or The Knot. You’ll save a ton of money, and make it more convenient for your guests to stay updated and respond.

4. Find talented rookies

Nearby colleges and universities are great resources for finding affordable, talented photographers and musicians. Of course, check references, view portfolios, and listen to musicians play, if possible, just as you would with experienced professionals.

5. Be creative with food and drink

There are no requirements for a wedding reception! Reduce expenses by eliminating the traditional “fish or chicken” sit down dinner in favor of a brunch served family style, or hire some cutting edge urban food trucks to provide contemporary treats. Keep liquor costs low by choosing one chic signature cocktail to serve along with beer and wine.

6. Get splashy and seasonal

Choose your wedding flowers based on local seasonal availability. It’s far less expensive than shipping in exotics from across the country or across the globe. And by selecting flowers with big, splashy blooms, you’ll reduce the number of stems necessary to fill your bouquet or an eye-catching altar display.

7. Sign up, get social and save

This is the time to take full advantage of vendor mailing lists. Our advice is to set up a new email account just for your wedding, then reap the benefits of discounts, contests, coupons, and special sales for all kinds of wedding gear. Find your favorite vendors on Twitter and follow them for more insider information and savings.

At times, the wedding itself starts to feel like the ultimate goal. It’s important to remember, though, that your wedding day isn’t the end of anything. It marks the beginning of a new life together, and there’s no reason to start that new life burdened by debt or financial hardship. Step into your future with style and smarts, and above all, enjoy!

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