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10 Essentials to Look for in a Wedding Venue

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June 5, 2014


You and your fiance’ are looking to create an unforgettable wedding from start to finish, and choosing the right venue is crucial. Whether you’re looking into places for weddings in the north Georgia mountains or exploring the options for a destination wedding on the beach in Cancun, the venue you settle on will determine much of the planning that follows. Focus on these ten essentials when you’re making decisions about your wedding venue, and everything else will begin falling into place.

First and foremost

The number one consideration when looking at wedding venues is your own personal style. Are you a real nature lover, or do crystal chandeliers and formal gowns suit you best? Imagine the locations where you and your fiancee are happiest, and then make it happen, starting with:

The basics

Elbow room ‒ The best way to make sure a venue will accommodate all of your guests comfortably is to request a visit while another wedding is taking place. It’s hard to fill an empty space simply by using your imagination.

Parking ‒ Your guests need safe, accessible, and plentiful parking. If you’re considering Georgia mountain wedding venues, be sure your guests are able to walk comfortably from parking areas to reception areas, or arrange in advance to assist those who might need help.

Electrical outlets ‒ This might seem ridiculous, but it’s not! Your bar will require at least one small refrigerator, your band will probably need amplification, and any extra lighting you have in mind will need outlets, too.

The details

Accommodations for out of town guests ‒ Even if you’re not planning a destination wedding, you’ll probably invite at least a few out of towners. A wedding venue that has its own accommodations, or available ones close by, is a big plus.

Catering and vendors ‒ If you have specific caterers and vendors in mind, a venue’s policy about outside vendors can make or break your decision. Get clear on these policies while you’re narrowing down your choices.

Staffing ‒ It’s always good to know how many staff people a venue will provide for your guests. This can be impacted by other events scheduled for the same day as your wedding, so find out if the calendar is completely clear before making your final decision.

The ambiance

Traffic flow ‒ Take a good look at the shape of a venue. Is there room for casual socializing, dancing, and room for table seatings as well? Rooms that are badly designed will develop bottlenecks and cause crowded guests a lot of discomfort. Bottlenecks often happen in front of and around bar areas.

Lighting, acoustics, and decor ‒ If your wedding takes place in the daytime, are there ample windows? In the evening, will you have soft, romantic mood lighting? Pay attention to the colors of the room as well, as they’ll either complement or clash with your color scheme. Finally, watch for overly hollow acoustics that make music painfully loud, or heavy upholstery that smothers sound.

Focal points ‒ A good wedding venue will provide some visual excitement beyond you and the wedding party. If you’re considering indoor venues, are there mirrors, chandeliers, or architectural touches that add personality to the site? For outdoor weddings, you’ll be looking for a scenic setting that makes a spectacular backdrop for the festivities. (Of course, we love outdoor weddings in the North Georgia mountains!)

Develop a short list of venues that meet these ten essentials, and then start making your visits. You’ll know when you’ve found the perfect venue for your wedding ‒ and we hope you find it here, in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of North Georgia.

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