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5 Questions to Consider Before Hiring a Florist

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May 22, 2014


Outdoor weddings in the North Georgia mountains have an ambiance and a natural palette that’s truly unique. From splashes of brilliant color to abundant soft pastels, the flowers you choose will enhance the natural beauty of the location and showcase your own personal style. Before you contract for the services of a wedding florist, make sure you’ve answered the following questions:

1. What is your dream?

When you close your eyes and imagine your dream wedding, what do you see? Start browsing through online and print publications, and put together a collection of the colors and varieties of flowers that appeal to you. Don’t limit yourself to wedding photos ‒ look at a wide selection of pictures to find out what you really like best. A top-notch florist will be able to make some creative suggestions based on your floral scrapbook.

2. What is your budget?

Allocate a realistic portion of your budget to your flowers. If you plan on spending about ten percent of your total budget on flowers, you’ll avoid having to “make do” with flowers that weren’t your first choice. When you meet with prospective florists, be open about your budget from the very beginning. It’s perfectly OK to ask a very direct question like “I have this much money to spend on flowers. How close can you get me to my dream?”

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3. Have you chosen your venue?

Your florist will need to know the specifics of your venue, as it can have a great impact on the choices you make together. Colors for Georgia mountain weddings will be heavily influenced by the seasons, and our lush mountain scenery provides a backdrop you’ll want to include in your wedding photos. Whether your dream wedding is a casual gathering or an elegant affair, your florist needs to know as much as possible about your venue well in advance.

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4. Have you chosen your gown?

Your gown will be the focal point of your wedding, and showing your florist photos of it will help her get a feel for your personal taste and the tone you’d like to set. Of course, you’ll want to have selected the colors for bridesmaids and attendants as well. Having all these chosen first will determine the floral accents that truly complement your theme.

5. How much control do you want?

Some brides want a florist who can get really creative with only a little guidance, while others might prefer a florist who takes a lot of direction ‒ the important part is that you have a clear understanding of the personality qualities that mesh with your own. Make sure you see portfolios before finalizing agreements, and by all means put your agreement into a written contract when you’ve found the florist who’s right for you.

The spectacular vistas of our Georgia mountain weddings venues will provide you a rich backdrop for your special day. Together, you and your florist will create a plan that makes the most of nature’s abundant beauty and creates memories that ‒ like your love ‒ last a lifetime.

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