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Andrea Boykin

Owner, Certified Wedding Planner


Hi! My name is Andrea Boykin, the woman and mastermind behind Unique Events.

After spending over three decades in hospitality, and operating my business since 2003, I can confidently say my services get the job done for THE most important day. If it counts, I’ve actually been in business a lot longer. At the mature age of 8-years-old, I was eager to plan dinner parties for my family including menus and decor. That 8-year-old could’ve never guessed that WeddingWire would later name me as their winner of the “couples’ choice award” for the last decade. I’ve earned this award because I’m dedicated and passionate about my work and I always go above and beyond.

I specialize in all things weddings and elopements. I have previously studied under both a master chef and master pastry chef, and I am a chef by trade. My skill set allows for me to pay close attention to detail and ensure everything on your special day is perfect–yes, I will EVEN help you taste test amazing menu options if I must. My expert opinion can be used to settle the ongoing argument that I am POSITIVE that you and your life partner have regularly: what to choose to eat. I was recently deemed “Best for Wedding Planning & Coordination Services” in North Georgia, and I am continually educating myself on the industry to put my best foot forward in my business.

I am constantly seeking inspiration in everything I experience. Travel is important to me to open up my eyes and mind, as well as expand my creative horizons.

If you’re looking for the best wedding planner in Georgia, look no further than Unique Events! I would love to hear from you, chat about your wedding, and share some cake.

Ben Boykin



If you read above you’ll notice Andrea and I have the same last name. You guessed right! We are husband and wife. I love all things sports, almost as much as I love coffee and our golden retriever, Cheddar.

I have been presiding over ceremonies for 7 years and it is an honor to be present with the love that two people have for each other and to be asked to hold that love, protect it, and witness, welcome and celebrate it. It is a joy to work with couples who love each other to help design and participate in their day that is a deeply meaningful peak life experience.

I passionately believe in the necessity and the power of ceremony and ritual as part of the human experience. Ceremonies and rituals help us transition and evolve through life from one state of being to another.

They allow us to acknowledge growth and change, they create meaning, they make moments sacred, and they act as a source of security and stability to pass us through to the next phase of our lives.  Ceremonies and rituals create connections for the individual to him/herself, to another person, to the community, to the holy spirit, and to the present moment.


Ceremonies speak your truth in a way that is uniquely you. Every couple, every family, every person has a story that deserves to be celebrated.



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